Fun STEM & STEAM Crafts for Kids - Part 1/15

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Juice-Pouch Stomp Rocket


 This rocket uses the power of compressed air to launch into the sky. (Budding engineers take note: This is called pneumatics!) By Ana Dziengel

What You'll Need: 1 flexible straw (that comes with the pouch), empty juice pouch, 1 standard straw, colored cardstock, washi tape (optional), modeling clay

What To Do: 

1. Snip off the end of the flexible straw on an angle.

2. Insert the pointed end of the straw into the straw hole of the juice pouch.

3. Cut the second straw in half. This will be your rocket.

4. Make three trapezoids from cardstock, in the following dimensions: 3 in. (base) x 1 in. (height) x ¾ in. (top). Set two aside to be full fins. Cut the last one in half vertically.

5. Tape the full fins on each side of the straw. Don’t flatten the straw.

6. Tape one half-fin perpendicularly to each full fin as shown. Add washi tape to decorate the straw if desired.

7. Roll a small bit of clay into a ball. Add this to the top to seal the straw completely.

8. To launch the rocket, inflate the pouch by blowing into the flexible straw. Bend the flexible straw to aim and place the rocket straw over the end. Stomp down hard for liftoff!

P.S. If after some use, one of the straws cracks, simply replace it with a new one.

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