2018 Moms' Picks: Best baby toys

Happy, colorful and (of course) safe to chew; moms picked the top toys that engaged and delighted their little one.


Why moms love it

"My child was immediately drawn to it and played with it for months. It's so easy to hold on to."

"It's easy for my baby to play with and throw around, but not too hard to cause an injury." 


Why moms love it

"Both of my daughters loved this toy. Now my three-year-old teaches my one-year-old how to use it."

"The concept is good for learning hand-eye coordination, shapes, and colors."


 Why moms love it

"Bright colors, different shapes, and textures. Small enough for baby to hold and handle. Soft chewable plastic. BPA free."

"My son loves balls with a variety of textures and colors. These fit the bill."


Why moms love it

"Kept my child entertained and is educational."

"My daughter still loves this thing! It's been well worth having for 3 years now."


Why moms love it

"I love everything about the product and my child adores it. Shes had it for a few months now and it's still in good shape, she takes it everywhere with her."

"I love how interactive it is and how many different phrases it says."


Editor's choice - Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Kick & Play Piano Gym

8Overall9Design9Features6Styles10Ease of use8Price

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0 #4 Christopher 2016-08-21 14:58
I was fortunate to have a great leader in my first job who mentored me in management to always explain why. He had no science or evidence beyond his personal experience to explain his approach, but it worked for him for 40 years and it's worked for me in the 20 years since.

Fortunately Simon Sinek's "Start with Why" does explore the deep roots of that style, carefully crafting an argument that great leaders explain to people why, not what or how. He evidences this thesis with statistical data and dozens of real-world examples.

I can speak from my experience that he's right: "why" is the foundational part of vision. I highly recommend this to every leader who isn't on that message today.
0 #3 Dina 2016-08-21 14:54
The title pretty much summed up what's in the book, and the book itself just kind of stretched a single point with repetitive examples to a lengthy discussion. You can't wrap the obvious around a single point and call it a book.
+2 #2 Dongkyu 2016-08-21 14:44
Having watched the TED talk (last year) and just last week saw Sinek speak I was keen to dive into this book for a bit more wow - and I am extremely excited!

Simon Sinek's "Start With Why" is a must read for any entrepreneur or leader struggling to create a long-term vision and guiding principles for their company or cause. The book can provide just the inspiration needed to get started in the right direction. You'll learn that the most important thing you can do as a leader is to figure out why your company or organization exists and why that should be meaningful to customers and others in society. Once the answer to this becomes clear and you believe it in your heart, the rest of the decisions about what to do and sell and how to do it become infinitely easier.
+3 #1 Abhijit 2016-08-21 14:37
I really had to struggle with what rating to give this. Simon Sinek's idea is astoundingly insightful, very helpful, and definitely worth the price of this book let alone the Kindle price. I'm inclined to think that the world would be considerably better off if more people lived by Sinek's simple idea.

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